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Below you will find a list of books in English relating to The Tomatis Method®.

The Conscious Ear, My Life of Transformation Through Listening by Alfred A. Tomatis, Station Hill Press, 1991.
This is the autobiography of Dr. Alfred Tomatis. It is an extraordinary journey of a man who as a physician, psychologist, and educator, has had a revolutionary impact on our understanding of the ear, opening the way to a transformation of human listening and a breakthrough in the improvement of learning, communication, language, music, creativity, and self esteem. The Conscious Ear brings you up close to both the personal and the scientific process of conscious change – including the inevitable resistance to that change. Dr. Tomatis brings to bear the discoveries of many domains: education, psychology, audiology, speech/language, medicine, music and engineering. He addresses some of the most difficult therapeutic/educational problems now facing us, psychologically & emotionally – anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory, concentration, motivation, creativity, balance – and explains how they are affected and controlled by the ear. This book is for anyone interested in understanding the benefits of conscious listening and will "open the ears" in many surprising ways.


The Ear and Language, by Alfred A. Tomatis. Moulin Press, 1996.
Dr. Tomatis was a pioneer and visionary who demonstrated the relationship that exists between the ear and the voice, now technically known as the Tomatis Effect. This book is considered to be the cornerstone of The Tomatis Method®. The book was Tomatis' first book and it lays down the major ideas of his research: the role of the ear in human development; differences between hearing and listening; language and laterality; language and the body.



The Ear and the Voice, by Alfred A. Tomatis, Scarecrow Press, 2005.
This translation has been adapted to make it more accessible to a broad audience. The book has been divided into three parts that can be read separately or together. Part I introduces Tomatis' general concepts as they apply to the art of singing. Part II is a basic introduction to the anatomy of the ear and how its functions relate to the brain and the rest of the body. Part III gives practical advice on singing, posture and matters pertaining primarily to musicians and singers.



When Listening Comes Alive, by Paul Madaule, Moulin Press, 1994.
This is a great book to introduce the reader to the ideas of Dr. Tomatis. It is clearly written and illustrates the main concepts of The Tomatis Method® by using cases studies from Paul Madaule's clinical experience. It is a must read for people interested in listening, a skill that we each have – that can improve communication, creativity, learning ability, thus allowing a fuller and more energetic life. Teachers, educators, therapists will find plenty to learn to enrich their practice. The book also provides a series of self-help exercises to develop listening skills.



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